EX IZVEDBA INZENERING DOOEL SKOPJE is a legal entity established on 17.04.2007, with office location at Nikola Trimpare 27a in Skopje, and is registered in the Central Register of the Republic of Macedonia.

The mission of EX IZVEDBA INZENERING DOOEL SKOPJE is to provide the clients with timely services of the best quality, continuously fulfilling the criteria of professional conduct.

The goal of EX IZVEDBA INZENERING DOOEL SKOPJE is, using high quality performance, to gain client trust in function of improving the situation, and mostly the safety of the equipment which is in use or is intended for use, but especially the safety of the staff working with the equipment.

Transparency and availability, independence and impartiality, indiscrimination, confidentiality and data protection are the principles of EX IZVEDBA INZENERING DOOEL SKOPJE.

It is duty of our employees is to continuously comply with the requirements of the standard EN ISO/IEC 17020, Guidance of the Application of IAF/ILAC А4:2004, МКС EN 60079-X, МКС EN 60364-6.

EX IZVEDBA INZENERING DOOEL SKOPJE cooperates and exchanges information and experience with other similar bodies in the country od abroad.

Cornerstone of the Quality Policy of EX IZVEDBA INZENERING DOOEL SKOPJE is the assurance that the high quality of the services is a result of a collective effort and commitment of all team members.

EX IZVEDBA INZENERING DOOEL SKOPJE achieves the implementation of the mission, goal, principles and services through continuous programing and improving the work procedures and quality system, with the endeavor to offer prompt and quality services.

The employees are bound to confidentiality of the information they receive from customers when performing work activities.


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